Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Corinthian U18 1 Tunbridge Wells U18 0

Match 89/17/1539 - Tuesday, 6th February 2018 - Bostik Youth

Corinthian U18 (1) 1 Mabb 7
Tunbridge Wells U18 (0) 0
Attendance: 26

Entrance: £1.50
Programme: Free
Mileage: 50/6,427

On an absolutely freezing evening, the referee took the decision to start the game 15 minutes early. I arrived in reasonable time for the original kick-off time but eight minutes after the new start time. The only goal of the match was scored after seven, sometimes you almost have to question whether you are of sound mind?

I understand that the goal was a far post header from Leo Mabb.

Tunbridge Wells made a full contribution to the game, which on a temperature-friendly evening would have been a decent watch. Pip Preston (if the team sheet was to be believed) was a constant threat fired straight at Corinthian goalkeeper, Harry Earls, following a loose clearance and then picked up a booking as the referee started to make stranger decisions than his kick off time choice. Added to my indignation of the referee, I've never seen one that needed to pull up his socks every couple of minutes, borrow a tie-up ref!

Into the second half and Earls made a fine save clawing the ball out of the top corner. Preston took on several defenders but screwed his shot wide.

Corinthian successfully saw the game out under heavy pressure from the Wells who would have seen the defeat as an injustice whilst the real injustice in my eyes was my missing eight minutes and the single goal.

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